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  • Friday, June 29, 2012

    Controversy hottest artists Indonesia vs Malaysia, together with political controversy two countries


    Identical with the government of Indonesia VS diplomatic relations that Malaysia continues to have ups and downs, relationships with artists celebrity neighbor country Indonesia is also up and down from time to time.
    Long before the controversy Bubu (Raja Mohammad Syazni, Syahrini lover, had many ups and downs sticking artists from both countries. These notes Tribunnews:

    1. Anita Sarawak VS Broery Pesolima

    While still prevail, the late pop singer hooked Indonesia Broery Pesolima love affairs with the artist Malaysia, Anita Sarawak.
    Broery married the singer's beautiful Malaysia, Singapore. In marriage, Broery using the name 'Broery Abdullah.' Unfortunately, the artist's household is not sustainable. Presumably because of differences in beliefs that lead to divorce Broery and Anita.
    After the divorce, the singer of the song "I Look You So" is using his real name and married Wanda Irene Latuperisa. They have two children and Nabila Methaya Indonesia Pesulima Pesulima.

    2. Manohara Odelia Pinot

    Manohara previously unknown in Indonesia. Rumahtangganya frenzied chaos with the Prince Royal Kelantan Malaysia, Teuku Mohammad Fakhry, Manohara to be the talk and media attention in Indonesia.

    Manohara meraza tyrannized by Fakhry like a dove in a gilded cage. The issue of torture and accused him of sexual assault to the prince. Manohara chaotic Fakhry to provoke comment and officials from both countries.Peak, Manohara escaped from his golden cage and returned to Indonesia.

    On the day Sunday, May 31, 2009, Manohara arrived back in Indonesia with his mother from Singapore through the process of a dramatic escape. He ran away from her husband.

    Through a press conference, Manohara said that when he was with the Kelantan royal family was in Singapore to visit Kelantan Sultan who were seeking treatment in Singapore, he escaped from custody guards Kelantan Sultanate.

    3. Arumi Bachsin

    Arumi Bachsin sitcom actress in a young age already hooked in love with the actor who career in Indonesia Malaysia, Miller. Unfortunately, relations between the two artists never condoned a parent Arumi.

    Peak, Arumi reportedly ran away from home. Miller's name was dragged. But Arumi Miller himself who denied involvement in his escape.
    Arumi affairs to the National Commission for the Protection of the child.

    4. Flowers Citra Lestari

    This is an example of artist relations Indonesia - Malaysia is sweet fruit. From courtship to marriage has been no news of the couple hit odor Citra Lestari Flowers (BCL) and Ashraff Sinclair (Malaysia).

    They are not only compact in matters of marriage, and even goes into labor affairs. They were acting together in the film "Peanut Sauce."
    Their marriage was also sparkling. Reception with Minang and Malay customs are very lavish and lively place in two countries, namely Indonesia and Malaysia. Ashraf and Flower who got married a pair of gold diamond earrings, held a reception in Jakarta on 9 November 2008 and in Malaysia on 14-15 November 2008.

    After marriage, flowers are still developing his acting talent with the full support of her husband, Ashraf. This is evident with this compact pair appeared in a romantic film, which releases Peanut Sauce in 2008. Even the soundtrack of the film is hosted by Flower and Ashraf helped in the video clip.
    On September 22, 2010 Flowers gave birth to a son, named Noah Sinclair.

    5.Inka Christie

    Inka Christie is also a good example of Indonesia vs Malaysia artist relations. Rocker is famous in the 1980 - it's prestige skyrocketed in Malaysia as a duet with rocker Malaysia project, Amy "Search."

    Their duet in the song "Love" with Amy Search in 1991 to make the two often perform duets in both countries.
    But beyond a doubt many people, it turns out they are just tender when a duet. Their relationship did not continue to love affairs, let alone get married.

    Even Inka Christie who was born in Bali, January 20, 1973 was still unmarried at the age of almost 40 years!


    This is the latest story of Indonesia vs Malaysia celebrity relationship that is not less hustle and bustle. Both as far as romance is still running hot, but the sensation behind the spotlight of media relations.

    First, the controversy about its origin. At first he was doubtful of Malaysia, because there was another man named Sammy Siagian from Bogor which looks very similar to the Bubu. Apparently Sammy Siagian really different to Bubu, despite kemiripian.
    "Sammy's face was gaunt, his face plump when Bubu really," said Syahrini, straightening.
    Second, the controversy about the 'blue blood.' Bubu calls himself is a member of Royal Selangor, Malaysia. Later Selangor royal word got angry, because he felt that no member named Raja Mohammad Syazni kingdom.
    Whereas before Bubu said, "I am descendant of the king. My name is King, so not everyone can use that name," said Bubu, one day, while clarifying the 'blue blood' in front of Syahrini.

    Third, the controversy about the profession as a businessman. When traced through the company's place of work at the site revealed the identity of people.bayt.com Bubu.

    In a site mentioned Bubu 'just' a marketing staff of gold buying and selling companies in Malaysia sharia.
    He worked at the company from June 2011 until April 2012.

    sumber www.tribunnews.com, reviewer;bang mul

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