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  • Thursday, June 28, 2012

    This Century's Most Expensive Weddings Artis Indonesia Nassar-Muzdalifah


    After 40 days of carrying out the ceremony at the Masjid Al-Azom, Tangerang, Banten, May 17, 2012, the couple Nassar Farhat Spears (24) and Muszdalifah (34) held a reception. The lavish reception was held at the Hall of Ocean, Kelapagading area, North Jakarta, Wednesday (27/06/2012) night.

    Excitement of the wedding reception of different couples of age 10 years was much less pronounced after the show at 18:15. From behind a magnificent building, and Hall Ocean height, popping colorful fireworks decorate the sky for one minute that started the big party.

    Shortly thereafter, the wedding party walked through the artificial bridge which was in the area behind the Hall of Ocean DrumKidz dozens of children while playing a drum band. A number of songs popularized Ayu Ting Ting and Trio Macan sounds wonderful.

    Accompanied by some clown with a variety of different and unique costumes, and a number of beautiful models who appeared dressed in glamorous and dozens of dancers wearing colorful party dress, Nassar and Muszdalifah seen in a purple carriage without horses pulled a number of people.

    While flying in an open carriage doors and without it, Nassar and Muszdalifah like kings and queens who were traveling to meet people. Nassar and Muszdalifah are happy with each other is seen waving his hands as he cast a smile to all guests.

    Long entourage that accompanied the couple were covered by parent and Muzsdalifah Nassar, as well as a large family and other relatives. Also enliven the senior dangdut artist and sitcom actress Among older was asked as a guest. Among the 30 artists, one of whom is Krishna pesinetron Mukti.

    When passing by the carriage and into the building, hundreds of invited guests crowded the streets are impassable and Muszdalifah Nassar. About 200 meters away, Nassar and above Muszdalifah carriage, until then stop and get off right in front of the Hall of Ocean. Once off the train, Nassar prince who's wearing Middle Eastern-style complete with his hat Aladin, and took her hand. As you go along quietly, Nassar and Muszdalifah seen wearing princess in the land of 1001 Nights is light pink color to the small podium.

    Throughout the invited guests are still around the pulpit. In the pulpit before, had stood two famous MC, Ramzy and Deswita Maharani. Together Ramzy and Deswita, Nassar and Muszdalifah saw action from DrumKidz children, eight dancers of modern dance from Batavia Dancer lenggak-swing and the beautiful models.

    "We both represent two large families would like to welcome the presence and blessing on our marriage," said Nassar. And, again fireworks during the five minute mark the start of the wedding.

    Print a record

    Throughout the lavish reception that also guided Olga Syahputra and Raffi Ahmad was held, many dangdut singer who contributed songs, ranging from Inul, Dorce Gamalama, Mansyur S, Erie Susan, Cici Paramida, Saipul Jamil, to my friends' Contest Jason TPI '(KDI) is contemporary with Nassar.

    While enjoying musical entertainment, with sword-shaped cake cutting Nassar kingdom arranged quite high. A moment later, Nassar and feeding each other cake Muszdalifah each other.

    Almost all the guests who crowded the front of the altar, to capture the happy moments that Nassar and his wife, including when they threw a bouquet of red roses. Invited guests scramble. In addition to getting a bouquet of flowers, people were also lucky to get the phone.

    Meanwhile, local people see the party through the big screen size 3 x 4 meter mounted on the car parking area in front of the Hall of Ocean. Not only have seen the procession, dozens of residents also get to watch the action stage, the older dangdut singers to the accompaniment of Hearings Band in action.

    According to Rina Gunawan, luxury wedding organizer wedding reception, the outer area deliberately used for "party people" and the carnival with a procession that was long enough, while in the building used greet. "The concept of 1001 Night reception party. There's Princess Jasmine and Cleopatra, until the genie is also there," said Rina.

    The whole family wedding, wear clothing to the committee the Middle East. Rina explained, unique and luxurious wedding receptions and Muszdalifah Nassar noted that 'Indonesian Book of Records' for the category Longest bridesmaids all 133 people. The award was handed directly initiators 'Indonesian Book of Records' Paul Winarko to Nassar and Muszdalifah.

    When asked about the cost of the reception which cost up to Rp 4 billion, Rina admitted to not knowing. "It is too much. Budget was not until a spectacular news," said Rina. Until this writing, Nassar and Muszdalifah not provide relevant information to the journalist's wedding reception.

    source www.kompas.com, reviewer ; bang mul

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